Sizes – What Cabinet Sizes are Available?

TORC cabinets are custom designed and built to fit your specific garage storage needs, so you are not restricted to a few set sizes.  Our design team works with you to create the perfect design layout, then sends the cabinet specs to our local manufacturer where they build your cabinets based on those custom specs.

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Construction – How are TORC Garage Storage Cabinets Constructed?

TORC cabinets are built using ¾” furniture grade press board, laminate sealed on the exterior and white melamine on the interior.  All parts are precision cut using a CNC machine, doweled, glued and machine-clamped to provide strength and durability.  TORC cabinet doors and drawers are wrapped with a 3mm edge banding providing additional durability to the cabinets.  TORC Garage Storage Cabinets are designed and built to last.

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Are Garage Floor Tiles a Good Option?

Garage floor tiles can actually cost more than a quality garage floor coating by Garage Concepts, LLC.  They will stain and wear out over time where a garage floor coating system will continue to stay beautiful year after year.  Click here to learn more on Floor Tiles vs Garage Floor Coating.

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What if My Concrete Garage Floor has Cracks?

Most cracking in concrete garage floor is normal, it’s just the nature of concrete. These cracks can form for many reasons. Some cracks in the concrete can form due to slight settling of the foundation or in the curing of the concrete slab during installation. These cracks are not a problem in the garage floor coating process, they will be filled and coated to leave your floor looking beautiful.

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What is Stem Wall?

The stem wall is the part of the concrete garage floor that makes up the perimeter or edges of the garage floor. The stem wall, also referred to as riser, is part of your foundation and can vary in size and height depending on the construction of the home or building. With Garage Concepts, the stem wall is coated in the flooring process to give the garage the overall finished and completed look.

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Will Harmful Acids Be Used to Treat My Concrete Garage Floor?

No.  Using an acid etch on the concrete garage floor is an inferior method of prepping a concrete floor for epoxy or other garage floor coatings.  Garage Concepts properly profiles your concrete garage floor using a floor grinding machine with diamond blocks.  This is, hands down, the best way to prepare a concrete garage floor for any type of garage floor coating.  ..more on Grinding vs Acid Etching

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