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Are Garage Floor Tiles a Good Option?

Garage floor tiles can actually cost more than a quality garage floor coating by Garage Concepts, LLC.  They will stain and wear out over time where a garage floor coating system will continue to stay beautiful year after year.  Click here to learn more on Floor Tiles vs Garage Floor Coating.

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What if My Concrete Garage Floor has Cracks?

Most cracking in concrete garage floor is normal, it’s just the nature of concrete. These cracks can form for many reasons. Some cracks in the concrete can form due to slight settling of the foundation or in the curing of the concrete slab during installation. These cracks are not a problem in the garage floor coating process, they will be filled and coated to leave your floor looking beautiful.

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What is Stem Wall?

The stem wall is the part of the concrete garage floor that makes up the perimeter or edges of the garage floor. The stem wall, also referred to as riser, is part of your foundation and can vary in size and height depending on the construction of the home or building. With Garage Concepts, the stem wall is coated in the flooring process to give the garage the overall finished and completed look.

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Will Harmful Acids Be Used to Treat My Concrete Garage Floor?

No.  Using an acid etch on the concrete garage floor is an inferior method of prepping a concrete floor for epoxy or other garage floor coatings.  Garage Concepts properly profiles your concrete garage floor using a floor grinding machine with diamond blocks.  This is, hands down, the best way to prepare a concrete garage floor for any type of garage floor coating.  ..more on Grinding vs Acid Etching

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What is Garage Concepts’ Process for Installing a Garage Floor Coating?

Prep – the concrete garage floor is profiled using a heavy-duty grinding machine equipped with diamond blocks, followed by a thorough cleaning. Any chips and/or cracks in the concrete are filled as needed. Prime & Base Coat – a high-solids specialized colored epoxy floor coating is put down as a primer and base coat Flake – the flake is tossed over the wet base coat, fully covering the garage floor to the point of refusal. After epoxy base coat has dried, locking in the flake, the garage floor is scraped to deflect any flake that is standing up, followed by another thorough vacuuming. Top Coat – the top coat, an Engineered Siloxane, is applied, providing a beautiful, durable, virtually maintenance-free garage floor coating!

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Should I Use a DIY Garage Floor Epoxy Coating Kit?

The most expensive floor is the one you have to replace!  Though it appears to be a big money saver to purchase a DIY epoxy garage floor kit from your favorite home improvement store, some quick research will show differently.  Though inexpensive, this is the least durable of epoxy garage floor coatings to apply. They are based on older formulations and are not the best value for your dollar. Their resistance to stains and chemicals are not as good as other types of garage floor epoxy and they are susceptible to hot tire lift.  After time, sometimes as little as 3 months, the floor peels, flakes and chips off and what is left? A failed garage floor coating that looks worse than before it was applied.  If is best to do it right the first time.

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Best Way to Clean and Maintain an Epoxy Garage Floor Coating?

Cleaning your new garage floor coating isn’t hard at all. In fact, one of the primary reasons for coating your concrete garage floor is for the ease of maintenance. While garage floor coatings are very resilient against dirt and stains, they do require some regular maintenance to keep their shine. A 24” or 36” dust mop run over your garage floor coating will handle the majority of your epoxy floor cleaning needs. If your epoxy garage floor coating gets a lot of dirt and traffic, you might want to give it a good cleaning every 3 or 4 months. Hard foam mop, a spray bottle with 8:1 ratio of Simple Green and a bucket of hot water will do the trick. Just spray the Simple Green in sections on the floor and then scrub it with a damp foam mop. Dip the mop into the hot water to give the floor a rinse and you are done.  …more on Cleaning Your Epoxy Garage Floor Coating

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Grinding vs Acid Etch – Best Prep for Concrete Garage Floor Coating?

Diamond Grinding – Epoxy and other concrete garage floor coatings need to achieve a good mechanical bond to the concrete. The problem with a concrete garage floor is that they are finished with a wet-float technique to leave them nice and smooth, minimizing the porosity of the concrete. Without the proper mechanical bond, the epoxy coating will fail. To get the proper mechanical bond, the concrete garage floor needs to be profiled, or textured, to the equivalent of 60 to 120 grit sandpaper. This is best achieved by grinding the concrete garage floor using diamond blocks.  …more on Grinding vs Acid Etch for Concrete Garage Floor

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How Long Does the Garage Floor Coating Take to Install?

With most epoxy garage floor coatings, it takes days to install and, even worse, another 5 – 7 days before you can get back on it.  With Garage Concepts’ advanced garage floor coating system, you can have your custom garage floor coating installed in 1 day and you be back on it the very next day. In colder weather, the cure time is delayed and the installation may run into the following morning.

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