Garage Storage

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Our premium quality garage storage cabinets are custom-designed for your specific garage storage needs.

At Garage Concepts, we have our own custom cabinet line, TORC Cabinets, built here locally, not imported from overseas. All Garage Concepts cabinetry is constructed to have maximum strength and durability to withstand all your storage needs. The hardware we use is of the highest quality and our finish selection has been hand selected to complement our Garage Concepts floor coating line.

Every garage is different and every client has different storage system needs and wants. Our team is able to design the perfect garage storage cabinet solution for you and your space. Whether you are looking to organize all of your tools, keep hazardous chemicals locked and out of harm’s way, or a cabinet to keep your children’s toys in one place, Garage Concepts can provide you with top quality garage cabinets and storage systems that will fill your needs and look great.

TORC Garage Cabinets—Built to Last!

TORC garage storage cabinets are not your typical garage cabinet that is shipped in from overseas, delivered in a box and thrown together with a little glue and a few brads. Garage Concepts has researched garage cabinets to find where the average cabinet fails.

Then we went searching for a top case work cabinet shop with a great reputation of building strong, dependable commercial grade cabinets and commissioned them to build our TORC Cabinets. We took all the common failures into consideration and, with the help of the manufacturer, Garage Concepts designed the ultimate garage cabinets; TORC Garage Cabinets. Here are a few things that separate TORC Garage Cabinets from the rest:

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Durable Laminates

TORC Garage Cabinets get their long lasting beauty from a machine-pressed laminate finish. Laminates are strong and durable and can hold up to the abuse that garage cabinets are subjected to, unlike thermo-fused melamine finishes. The other key to creating a finish we can stand behind is the way the laminate is applied to our cabinets. Most laminates are applied with contact cement and hand-rolled to get adhesion. Our TORC Cabinets get laminated and then machine pressed for maximum adhesion that withstand the toughest summer heat Texas can throw at them.

Blum Hinges

All cabinet doors on TORC Garage Cabinets are constructed with strong, 6-way adjustable Blum hinges. In addition to the added strength of the hinges, TORC Cabinets are built with 30% more hinges per door, guaranteeing not to sag over time. We don't build TORC Garage Cabinets to be solid today, we build them to be solid for a lifetime.

Metal Drawer Sides

To ensure that our cabinet drawers will never fall apart, we designed them with metal drawer sides. The metal sides guarantee that the integrity of the drawer will never be compromised. Metal drawer sides also keep the drawer from sagging and losing alignment overtime as is common with wooden drawer sides.

Heavy-Duty Edge Banding

Our heavy-duty 3mm edge banding not only protects the edges and corners of doors and drawers, but also adds a beautiful contrast to the cabinets. Though the black 3mm edge banding comes standard on all our TORC Garage Cabinets, a wide variety of colors are also available at a minimal charge. This is just one more way to customize your garage cabinets to make them uniquely yours.

Common Garage Cabinet Failures

  • Delaminating - Most garage cabinets are faced with a thermofused melamine. This is basically a process that uses heat to fuse a paper-like coating to a surface.

  • Sagging doors - Garages usually have larger cabinets than, say, your kitchen would. This means that you are dealing with much larger doors with much more weight. Problem is, most garage cabinets use some of the same light-weight hinges found on kitchen cabinets.

  • Drawer failure - Most garage cabinet drawers are built with inexpensive materials and held together by staples. The drawer sides separate overtime causing complete drawer failure.

  • Chipped and broken corners - Garage cabinets take more abuse than standard cabinets, and most of that abuse is on the corners and edges of the doors and drawers. Most manufacturers use an inexpensive .017 mm edge banding to band the edges of doors and drawers. This edge banding carries no strength and is merely cosmetic.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, all TORC garage cabinets have fully adjustable shelves so you can put in a few, none, or all shelves to fit your individual storage needs.
Yes, TORC cabinets do have backs so the interior of the cabinet is enclosed.
TORC cabinets are built using 3/4" furniture grade press board, laminate sealed on the exterior and white melamine on the interior. All parts are precision cut using a CNC machine, doweled, glued and machine-clamped to provide strength and durability. TORC cabinet doors and drawers are wrapped with a 3mm edge banding providing additional durability to the cabinets. TORC Garage Storage Cabinets are designed and built to last.
TORC cabinets are solid mounted using 3" lag bolts directly into the wall studs. Garage Concepts has over 15 years' experience installing TORC Garage Cabinets, ensuring a great install every time.
Since TORC cabinets are laminated, color selections are almost endless, using top laminate manufacturers like Wilsonart, Formica, Nevamar, and more many more. But don't worry about being overwhelmed. Our design team has narrowed down a variety of beautiful cabinet finishes that compliment out garage floor coating colors.
TORC cabinets are custom-designed and built to fit your specific garage storage needs, so you are not restricted to a few set sizes. Our design team works with you to create the perfect design layout, then sends the cabinet specs to our local manufacturer where they build your cabinets based on those custom specs.