Garage Floor Tiles vs Floor Coating

While installing our garage floor coating system in Flower Mound, TX, one of the neighbors came over to see our floor coating process. In the conversation, he asked what his garage would cost if Garage Concepts were to install our garage floor coating with a lifetime warranty and here is what he said, “I just ... Read More

Epoxy Floor Coating Process – Flake System

The process of applying an epoxy coating to your garage floor is first about preparation. If the floor is not properly prepared, then all the work you will do after that will most likely fail.The first step in proper preparation of your concrete floor is to remove the top/surface layer of the concrete. The reason ... Read More

Grinding vs Acid Etch for Concrete Garage Floor

When it comes to preparing a concrete garage floor for epoxy coatings or other garage floor coatings, there are two methods to consider; grinding and acid etch. This topic often spurs several questions such as “Which method is better?”, “Why do some companies grind the concrete before coating?” or “Won’t an acid etch work just ... Read More

Why Should I Coat My Garage Floor?

Most people are unhappy with the way their concrete garage floor looks. It often has stain marks and discoloration. It’s drab, dull gray and covered with dust. Maybe you have been wondering what you could do to improve the appearance of your garage floor. Look no further! Garage Concepts can help take you from Concept ... Read More

Cleaning and Maintaining Your Garage Floor Coating

Cleaning an epoxy garage floor coating is not difficult at all. The ease of maintenance is, in fact, a basis for having a floor coating. You will want to keep the shine while being able to clean away all dust, spills, and other messes. Some cleaners can leave a film on the surface of your ... Read More