Garage Wall Storage


Utilizing your vacant walls is another method we implement to solve your storage needs.  We use HandiWALL systems that were originally designed for commercial and retail display and storage.  The systems are a great way to reconfigure and organize your things.  They allow you to easily store, arrange and rearrange your items and tools as your needs and wants change, making every project you tackle that much easier.

The HandiWALL panels come in a wide variety of colors that will compliment your space and décor.  A wide selection of accessories are available, including sports racks, baskets, storage bins, mirrors, magnetic tool holders, first aid kits, cabinets, hooks, and a fire extinguisher.

Hang your sports equipment to give you garage a clean finished look without the clutter on the floors

Easily removable brackets so you can change your storage simply and without a headache.

Storage baskets provide simple “shelving” to manage your garage cleaning supplies and random clutter